The third category of the programs was the spiritual discourses by the learned Mahatmas. Two Mahamandaleshwars were invited for the discourses, one was Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Pujya Swami Punyananda Giriji Maharaj and the other was Mahamandaleshwar Pujya Swami Vishvatmananda Puriji Maharaj. The discourses were presented for three days, the January 30, 31 and February 1, in the mornings as well as evenings, and were well attended and very well appreciated by the listeners, as all of them have been listening to Vedānta for a number of years, and therefore scholarly discourses also were well appreciated by the audience, by the students. Swami Punyananda Giriji Maharaj presented his discourses on Iśāvasya Upaniṣad and Swami Vishvatmananda Puriji Maharaj on the 5 th Chapter of Pañcadaśī which expounds the four mahāvākyās from the Upaniṣads. These discourses were the main highlights during the three days. We were also blessed by the presence of the Dandi Sannyasi Pujya Swami Sadanandaji Maharaj from the Dwarkapeetha of Jagadguru Shankaracharyawho delivered a talk on the Śāṅkara Vedānta, non-duality in Śāṅkara Vedānta. This was very well presented and well received by the audience, the seekers.

30 th January 2020

31 st January 2020

Feb 1 2020