Adhyatma Vidya Mandir through the Publications Division has produced scores of books, and digital audio and video both in Gujarati and English since past 35 years. Pujya Swamiji’s teachings on Vedānta are made available to the public in the form of these books as well as the digitized audio and video MP3/DVD. Pujya Swamiji’s books cover wide range of topics from expounding of the Upaniṣads, Bhagavad Gītā and Prakaraṇagranthas, to those on devotion such as SūktasStotras and Upāsanās, as well as management related topics such as Duty and Success, and others, useful to seekers in all aspects of life. Pujya Swamiji’s assimilated knowledge presented through these books gives seekers the satisfaction equivalent of doing Śravaṇaṁ in his proximity. The profound and methodical teachings presented through these publications are Pujya Swamiji’s invaluable contributions to the Ādhyātmika Sāhitya not only for the seekers, but also for the Jijñāsu Ācāryas who find these books as guiding texts for teaching. One of Pujya Swamiji’s remarkable contributions include a two-volume set of books called ‘Satsanga with Swami Viditatmanda’, a collection of common questions asked in live question-answer sessions during Satsangas in public gatherings. Pujya Swamiji’s words through Gītādarśana are no less than nectar flowing from Lord Nārāyaṇa himself to address the woes of his Bhakta Arjuna in this modern era. Almost all of Pujya Swamiji’s discourses including the regular Vedānta classes, retreats, Jñāna Yajñas, seminars and other miscellaneous talks are digitized and made available in digital audio and digital video. Seekers find these resources most valuable in getting clarity and conviction on Vedānta, and to tune up with Pujya Swamiji’s teachings.

The Publications Department of Adhyatma Vidya Mandir also provides platform for innovative creation. A number of audio MP3 and CDs of bhajans recorded in Pujya Swamiji’s voice as well as other artists, chantings, and works by other artists have been recorded in the studio and made available to the seekers. The available audio of the chantings of various SūktasStotrasBhagavad Gītā and Upaniṣad are indispensable for the sincere seekers to learn the correct phonetics for svādhyāya. Adhyatma Vidya Mandir has also showcased the discourses of guest speakers invited at Tattvatirtha at various occasions. The works of Pujya Swamiji’s disciples are also supported through the Publications Department. Swamini Vidyaprakashanandaji’s creativity is reflected in the various books Mataji has authored as well as the script for the play ‘Yugapuruṣa Ādi Guru Śaṅkarācāryajī’.

The tremendous contributions through the Publications Department of Adhyatma Vidya Mandir have been made possible on account of the constant endeavor and support of volunteers and sincere seekers through their time, and talent, and treasure. Swamini Vidyaprakashanandaji’s contribution in the editing of Pujya Swamiji’s talks for the compilation of various books has been invaluable right from the start and reflects her sincere devotion for Pujya Swamiji. Sejalben Dave’s meticulous work and time spent for digitizing Pujya Swamiji’s talks is most valuable, and reflects her commitment and devotion to Pujya Swamiji and Adhyatma Vidya Mandir. Many other sincere seekers following Pujya Swamiji for a long time have also contributed to transcription, editing, funding and other aspects of Publications.

A Seeker’s View on AVM Publications: An Interview with Dr. Maulikbhai Bakshi