Invoking devotion:

  • Festivals
  • Gurupuja
  • Sankirtan
  • Discourses
  • Pujya Swamiji’s Birthday Celebrations

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Social Services

Offering Time, Treasure and Talent to reach out to people:

  • Education – Kankanpur Chhatralaya
  • Healthcare – Shamlaji Hospital
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Pujya Swami Viditatmanandaji’s Sahasra Candra Darśana Celebrations:

  • Shastriya Yajñas,
  • Shastra Pārāyaṇa,
  • Discourses by Mahatmas
  • Bhanḍārā for Sadhus
  • Cultural Programs
  • Shatabhisheka Mahotsava (Shatābhiṣeka)

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Supporting arts and culture:

  • Classical Dance
  • Music
  • Drama

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Preserving Vedic Culture:

  • Invoking the devatās or deities,
  • A gathering of Mahātmās,
  • And dāna or donations

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Children's Activities

Nurturing character and personalities:

  • Bal Vihar
  • Bal Shibir
  • Gita Mukha Patha Kasoti
  • Adwait

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Self-knowledge: The Only Antidote to Grief by Swami Viditatmananda Saraswatiji – Part 3

Self-knowledge is separating the self from the personality How can one transcend grief? Becoming free from sorrow is a two-step process. In the first step we acquire the four-fold qualification[1], which is the prerequisite to gaining self-knowledge, by performing our karmas as an act of worship to the lord.[2] Having...

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In this Sunday Morning Youth session, Pujya Swamiji addresses the doubts related to previous session on speaking truth, and in the latter half introduces the topic of objectivity and subjectivity. With regards to speaking truth, one of the questions raised is how to master the skill of speaking truth without...

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This Sunday’s Satsanga is in Gujarati.  The Satsanga is based on the seeker’s questions regarding Adhyatma Vidya Mandir’s publication, ‘Management Wisdom from Bhagavad Gītā’ by Pujya Swami Viditatmanandaji. Two dimensions of success are mentioned under the topic of ‘Success’ (Page 6).  With respect to these two dimensions of success: subjective...

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This Sunday’s Satsanga is in English. The journey of seeking happiness from relationships to the curiosity for self-knowledge, the difference between मुमुक्षु mumukṣu and जिज्ञासु jijñāsu, all these are very well explained by Pujya Swamiji in this Satsanga.  Is there a good time to wake up the people to the...

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This Sunday Morning Satsanga is in Gujarati. In this Satsanga, Pujya Swamiji provides greater insight on the value ‘Amānitvam’. The subtle difference between Ātmagarva (ego) and Ātmagaurav (self-dignity/self-respect) are discussed here, and the importance of Ātmagaurav (self-dignity/self-respect) in the life of a seeker for self-confidence and associated interactions with the...

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Shraddhanjali: Apna Sauna Dineshbhai Ne

A book compilation 'Shraddhanjali Apna Sauna Dineshbhai Ne' was released on September 2nd, 2019.  Following the Shraddhanjali event for the late Dineshbhai organized at Tattvatirtha Ashram on December 3rd, 2018, many seekers expressed their wish to share their experiences of the warmth they received from Dineshbhai. This book is a...

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