Shatabhishekam Mahotsava Souvenir

A Mahatma is like an iceberg, there is much more than is visible, and it is upto the seeker to explore and experience the depth and vastness within. But the depth and vastness are difficult to explore all by oneself, and this is where this souvenir comes to our rescue. Documenting Pujya Swami Viditatmananda Saraswatiji’s personality, his spiritual journey and activities, this souvenir very well depicts Pujya Swamiji’s greatness as a Guru and a Mahatma, and further guides the seekers with all the required means in the process of knowing the self. This huge undertaking by Swamini Vidyaprakashananadaji is nothing but an expression of her reverence and devotion for Pujya Swamiji, and well-being of other seekers to inspire them to learn and imbibe the divine virtues of their Guruji.

Pujya Swamiji’s life is explored here through a detailed documentation of his spiritual journey and an interview unfolding the major developments, the underlying principles on which his spiritual life evolved, and unfolding the means essential for knowledge. Through this souvenir many seekers willingly shared their communication with Pujya Swamiji on both emotional and intellectual aspects. Not only does one feel the warmth, love, compassion and care in these conversations, but there is also an element of teaching, which the seekers can apply to themselves for their emotional maturity and spiritual growth. Lastly the souvenir lists a detailed documentation of the teachings, Jnana Yagnas, retreats, and publications which Pujya Swamiji has contributed to the society at large and the spiritual world in particular, during the last 40 years.

Pujya Swamiji’s spiritual journey primarily evolved through self-discipline, which to him is the most mature form of discipline. Speaking from his experiences, Pujya Swamiji mentions that learning Vedanta from a Mahatma is not just at intellectual level, rather the seeker, the disciple, should be associated both at intellectual and emotional level with the Guru. And what is the test or evidence of knowledge? As Pujya Swamiji mentions in this souvenir, it is the degree to which one invokes love and devotion in his or her heart. Pujya Swamiji emphasizes that gaining inner purity should become the first priority, and further a seeker should develop a simple personality and be sensitive to others’ needs and emotions. Pujya Swamiji highlights how it is very important to understand a Mahatma’s emotions for the progressive development of one’s own emotions. Some of the co-students from the Sandeepany Sadhanalaya, who are now respected Sannyasis themselves, portray Pujya Swamiji as a benevolent and caring person, sensitive to others’ needs and reaching out without anyone asking for help. With a very focused approach on teaching using simple language, along with logic and reasoning and day to day illustrations, and avoiding any unnecessary distractions during the talk, Pujya Swamiji has influenced many seekers over the last 40 years, and helped them to gradually assimilate the teachings and get a clear understanding of Moksha, develop a value for inner purity.

In the interview section, while discussing the means to attain knowledge, Puya Swamiji clarifies that emotional maturity is not just the control of impulses, rather it is the degree to which a person possess love, compassion, and is sensitive to others’ pain and feelings. Values and responsibilities are all intellectual aspects, and do not involve emotions, sensitivity and warmth of the heart. So an intellectual person can learn self-control etc., from Vedanta, but without developing sensitivity, love, compassion, warmth of the heart, one’s Sadhana is incomplete. Seekers should inculcate love in their life and imbibe it from the Mahatmas.

The conversations shared by the seekers reveal Pujya Swamiji’s personality, and unfolds the subtleness and truth reflected in his interpersonal interaction and spiritual activities. One can see how Pujya Swamiji has made all our seekers’ life the most eventful one, every single minute in this Mahatma’s life is utilized to make someone’s life eventful, to make some seeker understand the life and the events, or to motivate a seeker to grow out of dependence in life and seek the truth, to realize the truth. This aspect of reaching out to the seekers at emotional level is very well reflected in these conversations.

So get inspired, discover the devotee in you, unfold the true heights of emotional maturity, and let that integration of head and heart happen through this souvenir…..!