November 29 2020 Sunday Morning Satsang on Relationships

This Sunday Morning Satsanga is in English.   In this Satsanga, Pujya Swamiji provides great clarity on relationships.  Relationships are a means of happiness in our life and are meant for our emotional growth.  Seekers will find clarity on the purpose of relationships in our life, how to improve relations so that it becomes a vehicle for emotional growth, and thereby our spiritual growth, what is an ideal relationship, how one should grow gradually in a relationship to invest in trust and other emotions, and that the growth and investment should be mutual in the relationship.  All relationships are different, whether brother-sister, friends, parent-child, and so a Guru-Shishya relationship is also different.  Here, the Guru is a less demanding and ideally non-demanding person, and so the disciple feels comfortable, since he or she is accepted as is, and so the disciple feels very comfortable and is able to give his or her things.  It is a relationship where one doesn’t want anything, and the other gets everything.  So it is indeed a unique relationship which is nowhere else.

Questions for Sunday Morning Satsanga can be submitted to or whatsapp number 7874743310.  Please note English and Gujarati Satsanga will fall on alternate weeks.

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