November 22 2020 Sunday Morning Satsanga with Pujya Swamiji

In this Satsanga Pujya Swamiji provides an insight regarding the आश्रय āśraya of अज्ञान ajñāna.  Is it प्रत्यगात्मा pratyagātmā or अहंकार ahankāra? And how?   All this is elaborately explained.  Further there is a discussion on gross and subtle form of राग द्वेश rāga dveśa, what constitutes gross rāga dveśa, what constitutes subtle rāga dveśa, how to address rāga dveśa in its gross form, and how to address it in its subtle form, what should a seeker do to ensure the subtle rāga dveśa do not take back its form of gross rāga dveśa?  A clarification of विद्वत् सन्न्यास vidvat sannyāsa and विविदिशा सन्न्यास vividiśā sannyāsa, whether or not the निष्ठा niṣṭhā gained through कर्मयोग karmayoga and कर्मसन्न्यास karmasannyasa relate to these, is also clearly explained by Pujya Swamiji in this Satsanga.  The Satsanga is in Gujarati.

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