January 17 2021 Sunday Morning Youth Session: Satsanga with Pujya Swamiji

This is a new Sunday Morning Satsanga series primarily focusing on youth.  These lectures and Satsanga series is in English.  In the first segment of this session, Pujya Swamiji answers the questions raised by the young seekers.  Workplace adaptation on how to keep mind stable and maintain interest in work when the workplace environment is not encouraging, how to be more open minded and acceptable towards the society around with regards to personal matters, how do we recognize one’s individual purpose in life, clarification on this view how one should approach God without any personal motive, out of unconditional love and with a desire to serve him’.

The second segment of this session is Pujya Swamiji’s lecture on Success.  This talk is based on ‘Management Wisdom from Bhagavad Gītā’ by Pujya Swami ViditatmanandajiThe talk is although unique and Pujya Swamiji unfolds before the young seekers the difference between the perceived success and the actual success. How taking the perceived success as the reality leads to frustration and continues us on the path of misery and unhappiness, and we remain unsatisfied.

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