January 10 2021 Sunday Morning Youth Session: Satsanga with Pujya Swamiji

This is a new Sunday Morning Satsanga series primarily focusing on youth.  In these series Pujya Swamiji not only addresses the questions and concerns of today’s youth, but essentially molds their character by highlighting the emotional and spiritual aspect of the personality.  The everyday issues in the practical life are seen through the perspective of the perceived success and happiness versus the actual success and happiness.

This session is a question answer session.  Pujya Swamiji helps the young seekers understand how to build a bond with God, and clarifies on the question whether it is selfish or wrong to remember God only in bad and low phases of life or when in need of help.  Other practical life issues of maintaining work life health balance, how to make best use of time to excel and progress in career as well as build a loving and caring relationship with family, how to remain undisturbed when something bad happens, are addressed.  Service to mankind is service to God and ‘Helping hands are better than praying hands, how to understand this in terms of what a seeker should do, and the difference between shraddha and andha-shraddha.  Although this series is targeted to the youth, the curious mind in all of us will equally appreciate and be satiated with the simple and clear response to all questions.

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