Jan 5 2019 Satsang QA Part2 Hindi

Pujya Swamiji expounds on the understanding of Vedānta principles in a question answer session with a curious seeker.  What is self, is nothing but awareness.  What happens to the subtle body when the shifting of identity takes place from the gross, subtle and causal bodies?  Is there duality in awareness? Pujya Swamiji all these questions very tactfully explaining how the non-dual awareness which is all-pervasive, illuminating everything, that alone when reflected in our intellect, identified with the intellect, appear to be individualized, separated, divided.  How the apparent division is not reality and that manyness is in the manifestation, not in the one being manifested.  Awareness manifested through different minds, appears to be various.  These and many related questions are beautifully answered in this Satsang.


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