December 6th 2020 Sunday Morning Satsanga with Pujya Swamiji

This Sunday Morning Satsanga is in Gujarati. In this Satsanga, Pujya Swamiji provides greater insight on the value ‘Amānitvam’. The subtle difference between Ātmagarva (ego) and Ātmagaurav (self-dignity/self-respect) are discussed here, and the importance of Ātmagaurav (self-dignity/self-respect) in the life of a seeker for self-confidence and associated interactions with the world is pointed out. The maturity of the value ‘Amānitvam’ and how it is reflected in the life of a wise person ‘Jñānī’, further gives us an insight that ‘Ātmagaurav is at the level of ‘Ahankār.  In the subsequent part, there is discussion on what is required for gaining spontaneity in one’s own nature ‘Ātmā, and clarity regarding the cause of the extrovertedness of the mind. That one must understand ‘Viṣaya’ as not just limited to the sense objects and sense pleasures, rather the very ‘rāga and dveśa’, the likes and dislikes are the cause of desires, karma and the subsequent chain of extrovertedness. What triggers the likes and dislikes? It encompasses everything from objects, people, situation, location, events, etc. The attitude that something is useful or not, described as ‘Samīcin buddhi’ manifests into ‘rāga and dveśa’, and these rāga and dveśa’ are the very cause of extrovertedness of mind.

Questions for Sunday Morning Satsanga can be submitted to or whatsapp number 7874743310. Please note English and Gujarati Satsanga will fall on alternate weekend.


  1. Rakesh says

    મારા માટે મારા સ્વામીજી ને સાષ્ટાંગ દંડવત્ નમસ્કાર એટલે એવા દેવને નમસ્કાર જે ના માટે:-

    “ यं ब्रह्मा वरूणेन्द्र रूद्र मरूत:
    स्तुन्वन्ति दिव्यै स्तव्यै
    वेदैसांड्ग पद क्रमोपनिषदै
    गायन्ति यं सामगा:
    ध्यानावस्थित तद् गतेन मनसा
    पश्यन्ति यं योगिन: यस्यान्तं विदु
    सुरासुरगणा *देवाय तस्मै नम:*॥

    અનુભૂતિ પ્રકાશ ના પ્રથમ દિવસની શિબિર માં કૌષીતકિ ઉપનિષદનો નવો જ
    આયામ અનુભવાતો રહે છે…
    સ્વામીજીની અસીમ અમૃત વર્ષા માં રસાબોળ સ્નાન…..
    અનંતાનંત કોટિ પ્રણામ સહ….🙏🏿🙏🏿💐🌻🦚🦚❤️💓🙏🏿

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