December 13th 2020 Sunday Morning Satsanga with Pujya Swamiji

This Sunday’s Satsanga is in English.

The journey of seeking happiness from relationships to the curiosity for self-knowledge, the difference between मुमुक्षु mumukṣu and जिज्ञासु jijñāsu, all these are very well explained by Pujya Swamiji in this Satsanga.  Is there a good time to wake up the people to the fact that they have to start a journey inwards to realize the happiness within?  Or is it up to the people to ask for the understanding, the knowledge of the self?  Should Vairagya be facilitated by navigating a person regarding the ultimate truth?  If the relations in our life are meant for happiness, then where is the need to seek happiness, the need for self-knowledge?  What is the intent behind having the Vanaprastha Ashram following the Grahastha Ashram? A discussion on how a successful relationship has lot to contribute spiritually also, how there are different degrees of happiness which depends on the harmony in the relationships, and how the relative happiness and relative love becomes the means of discovering absolute happiness and absolute love.  Pujya Swamiji then responds to other aspects of relationships: how does one know whether a relationship is from asakti (attachment) or pure love, how the expectation, demands, dependence, possessiveness, in a relationship are all impurities in a relationship, and so how should one manage asakti, moha for near and dear ones?  Taking the scenario of parent-child relationship, and referring to the quote ‘a child is through you, not of you’, seekers will find useful  a discussion on managing parent-child relationship.

The Satsanga then highlights the importance of Bhakti in Vedanta.  Getting back again on relationships with further emphasis for the param purushartha, moksha.  Maitreyi imbibed the qualities of Yajnavalkya through osmosis:  Pujya Swamiji responds to the curiosity on what made it possible for Maitreyi to imbibe the qualities of sage Yajnavalkya, and what can one do to facilitate that process of osmosis when in the company of virtuous and the Mahatmas.  Should a seeker let go of associations which have potential of negatively influencing their mindset?  What are the subtle differencies between the words Mumukshu and Vividisa and how are they used in Vedanta?

Questions for Sunday Morning Satsanga can be submitted to or whatsapp number 7874743310.  Please note English and Gujarati Satsanga will fall on alternate weeks.

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