The conclusion of the Mahotsava was with a Bhandara, a feast for the Sadhus, on January 2 nd . It began with discourses by the Mahatmas on the dais, including Swami Madhavatirthaji from Omkar Sadhana Ashram, Lambhavel, Āṇand, Swami Adhyatmanandaji from Sivananda Ashram, Ahmedabad, Swamini Maa Anantananda Tirthaji from Vehlal, Swami Pratagbodhanandaji Saraswati from Surat, and Pujya Swami Viditatmanandaji Saraswati. This was followed by the Bhandara, accompanied with generous gifts and dakṣiṇās.

The entire event of eight days went on very smoothly and everybody appreciated the enthusiasm, the hard work, and the co-operation of all the volunteers, in all the different aspects of the function. Naturally the volunteers serving the food were prominent, as they were involved in serving food three times a day during all these days. Additionally the decoration of the Ashram and the Hall was eye-catching and everyone highly appreciated the creativity and the beauty of presentation by the volunteers. The Ashram was ornamented by the new flowerpots all along which enlivened the whole atmosphere. A total of 150 guests were accommodated in the Ashram and other premises also, and there was a team of volunteers who took care of the transportation and the housing. The transportation, including transportation to the external venues, Tagore Hall as well as the Pandit Dinadayaal Auditorium, went smoothly, and also, the volunteers efficiently co-ordinated serving the dinner at the external venues in those two respective halls. So the function was very well organized and executed on account of the co-ordination of the volunteers.

This eight-day function from January 26 th to February 2 nd , 2020, was the final phase of the Shatabhishekam program. It felt like a huge get-to-together where everyone was filled with joy and everyone readily expressed their happiness throughout this function. Everyday afternoon and evening after lunch and dinner many of the seekers gathered, and sometimes there were question answers and sometimes there were bhajans, and in this way the devotees were able to spend quality time with Pujya Swamiji. Every moment of the week was celebrated in every way possible. It was indeed a Mahotsava! On January 29 th , the Pañcavādya which is supposed to be auspicious, was invited. This was played during the pūrṇāhuti of the Homas. On January 27 th , Mahamandaleshwar Vishokananda Bharti of Sanyaas Ashram blessed the occasion and gave a very learned discourse. He was also escorted with the Pañcavādya.

Integration of head and heart is what Vedānta always emphasizes as critical in one’s spiritual pursuit. This whole event presented a wonderful opportunity for the seekers to express their love and devotion for the Guruji. It was indeed something that nourished the heart of all the devotees, the Bhaktas. This was the occasion where everyone showered their love in whatever way they could during the event. Everyone whole-heartedly participated and contributed what best they could. So this was indeed the culmination of the contribution from the devotees coming from their heart, as evident in their enthusiasm and hardwork.

Satabhishek Mahotsav Mahatma Pravachan and Sadhu Bhandaro 02 02 2020