अशीत्यब्दपूर्ति समारोह Aśītyabdapūrti Samāroha April 30th , 2019 to May 2nd 2019

  • Rudra Ekadashi Homa & Udakshanti Pathan: 30 th April, 2019
  • Janmanakshatra Navachandi Homa: 1 st May, 2019
  • Pujya Swamiji’s Abhisheka by Acharya Mahamandaleshvara Swami Gurusharnanandaji Maharaj: 1 st May, 2019
  • Pravachan by Acharya Mahamandaleshvara Swami Gurusharnanandaji Maharaj: 1 st and 2 nd May, 2019


Celebrating 80 years of our Guruji, Pujya Shri Swami Viditamananda Saraswatiji Maharaj, a three-day function comprising of Homas, Pujya Swamiji’s Abhisheka by Acharya Mahamandaleshvara Swami Gurusharnaanandaji Maharaj, and spiritual discourses — Anugrahavachana, Pravachana and Satsanga with Swami Gurusharnaanandaji Maharaj — were organized at Tattvatirtha, on the auspicious occasion of Pujya Swamiji’s Janma Nakshatra, Aśītyabdapūrti samāroha, from April 30 th , 2019 to May 2 nd , 2019. Many Mahatmas, Sannyasis, seekers and devotees from all over India and abroad were gathered to celebrate this occasion.

May 1 st was Pujya Swamiji’s Janma Nakshatra when the Abhishekam was to take place. Prior to this grand occasion various religious functions including the Rudra Ekadashi Homa, Udakashanti Pathanam and Navachandi Homa were performed for warding off any obstacles and for a long and healthy life of Pujya Swamiji. The Rudra Ekadashi function consisted of recital of Rudram and Chamakam 11 times and Homa with one recital of Rudram and Chamakam mantras. The Udaka Shanti Pathanam which was performed on the evening of May 1 st was meant to ward off any evil effects to health and longevity. The Navachandi Homa performed on May 2 nd included recital of the Durga Saptashati and Homa to Chandi. The Homas were performed by priests from Karnataka, Maharashtra and other states, under the leadership of Shri Sharadchandra Bhat from Karnataka. They were performed both with accuracy in the recital of the mantras as well as great devotion reflecting the meaning and intent behind those mantras. The collective recital by the Brahmin priests and the participation by the Mahatmas, Sannyasis and seekers created a very divine atmosphere. Different deities were invoked in the Kalashas as part of these Homas and the holy water from the Kalashas was collected for being used for 6 Pujya Swamiji’s Abhishekam. Everyone eagerly awaited the day of the Abhishekam, the Acharya Mahamandaleshvara Swami Gurusharnanandaji Maharaj (Maharajji) arrived during the Navachandi Homa. Following the Homa, the Kalashas were taken near the mound just in front of the Yajnashala, where Pujya Swamiji’s Abhishekam was performed. Maharajji enlivened the event by the Abhishekam, and very humbly prostrated to Pujya Swamiji following the Abhishekam, and even presented a Rudraksha mālā and a mālā of real pearls to Pujya Swamiji. This Abhishekam which marked the completion of 80 years in Pujya Swamiji’s life was no less than doing the Abhishekam of any deity, and everyone’s heart was filled with joy and great reverence. The simplicity of Maharajji also captured everyone’s heart on this occasion.

The seekers of Adhyatma Vidya Mandir were also blessed by Maharajji’s discourses on this occasion. A revered saint who is considered to be the very confluence of Jnana and Bhakti, Maharajji is a renowned scholar and well-versed in the scriptures and is the present spiritual head of the Karshni Ashram in Ramana Reti, Mathura. Maharajji blessed the occasion with his 2 Pravachanas and a Satsanga. The humor and depth of knowledge conveyed during the 2 Pravachanas complemented each other. The profound principles of life were conveyed in a palatable manner through the various anecdotes and the experiences Maharajji had with various Mahatmas as part of his spiritual journey. The highlight of Maharajji’s message that Guru is the only medium for Mokṣa touched all seekers’ hearts on this auspicious occasion. May all of us revel in the profound experiences shared by Maharajji and imbibe the true intent of seva (service), to act as per our Guruji’s wish and teachings, and to stay in his proximity, serving him.



मनसि वचसि काये पुण्यपीयूषपूर्णा-
स्त्रिभुवनमुपकारश्रेणिभिः प्रीणयन्तः।
परगुणपरमाणुं पर्वतीकृत्य नित्यं
निजहृदि विकसन्तः सन्ति सन्तः कियन्तः॥

manasi vacasi kāye puṇyapīyūṣapūrṇā-
stribhuvanamupakāraśreṇibhiḥ prīṇayantaḥ|
paraguṇaparamāṇuṁ parvatīkṛtya nityaṁ
nijahṛdi vikasantaḥ santi santaḥ kiyantaḥ||

How many good men are there who, full of the nectar of holiness in thought, word and action and pleasing the three worlds with numerous acts of beneficence, rejoice at heart, ever magnifying the minute good qualities of others?

May 1 2019 Anugraha Bhashanam by Swami Gurusharnanandaji Maharaj

May 1 2019 Satsanga with Swami Gurusharnanandaji Maharaj

May 2 2019 Ashirvachanam by Swami Gurusharnanandaji Maharaj